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FAQ - After Your Son's Circumcision  Answer To Frequently Asked Child Medical Question

After Your Son's Circumcision

We recommend that you put POLYSPORIN ointment on your son’s penis with each diaper change. This will help keep the diaper from sticking to the surgical area. Apply the Polysporin ointment for 4-5 days following the circumcision.

Your son’s penis may look red, raw and swollen for a couple days following the circumcision. This is normal and expected. After that time, your son’s penis may have a white patchy look. This is normal for 1½-2 weeks following the circumcision.

Please call our office right away if the shaft of the penis becomes red and swollen or if the head begins oozing or has any bleeding. If you see a spot of blood on the diaper, look deeper into the diaper to make sure a lot of bleeding has not occurred and been absorbed deeper into the diaper. Also call our office if you have any questions or concerns or if your son seems increasingly fussy.

You may use Tylenol for fussiness. Your son may be fussy for 1-2 days following his circumcision.

You may have a follow-up appointment scheduled the next day or so following the circumcision. This is at your doctor’s discretion.

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