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FAQ - High Calorie Soft Foods  Answer To Frequently Asked Child Medical Question

High Calorie Soft Foods

* Toby’s Tofu Pate (not lite)
* Bean dip (variety of flavors – vegetable oil can be added to increase calories
* Humus
* Cream cheese (variety of flavors such as strawberry and salmon)
* Peanut butter (not recommended until age one year)
* Almond or cashew butter or Tahiti
* Guacamole (mashed avocadoes and mayonnaise)
* Cheese Whiz
* Underwood chicken or ham spread
* Dips (without chunks)
* Pudding
* Yogurt
* Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread
* Laughing Cow cheese
* Jams or preserves
* Yumm! Sauce (Café Yumm)
* 4% cottage cheese

Other ideas

* Peanut butter or Nutella mixed with vanilla yogurt (lots of peanut butter and Nutella)
* Scrambled eggs and grated cheese and cream cheese
* Refried beans with cheese, cream cheese, sour cream*
* Chicken, tuna or egg salad with lots of mayonnaise
* Shakes made of whipping cream, milk and ice-cream; also add things like fruit, Instant Breakfast, yogurt, Nutella, peanut butter and even a little vegetable oil
* Ice-cream, pudding, custard, eggnog
* Oatmeal made with hot milk, margarine or butter and brown sugar (instant oatmeal is OK)
* Grated cheese or sour cream added to creamed, bean, split pea or lentil soups

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